Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Animal Hoarding

I watched a show last night on Animal Hoarding.
I feel bad for people who feel the need to collect. I am pretty sure everything that is truly important to me could be moved in one suitcase, you know?

The animals and the owners both looked really sad.

None of the owners seem to be mentally stable or happy and I am surprised that no family member has called in help before. It isn't healthy to have that much dander and hair everywhere and it is impossible to keep your place clean.

I can get downright grubby when I am out in the woods but at home I have to have things clean or I lose em.

I was thinking if there was no legal penalty maybe more people would report that their friends and families were living in these conditions and everyone would be better off and healthy.

On that note though reality shows are really crazy.

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