Monday, October 21, 2013

Michael Asimos Want: Hang Drum

I hadn't heard a hang drum before I saw a video online about it:

Michael Asimos Want: Hang Drum Please
They sound really intense, man - apparently were just around since twelve years ago. I know they took sounds from ancient instruments but I'm always excited when I hear and see new instruments at festivals or at campgrounds.

They aren't cheap, and they aren't light either. I saw one with the following dimensions:

Diameter = 20.86 inches

Height = 9.44 inches

Weight = 8.15lbs

Thickness of metal = 1mm

That is a lot of extra weight for a backpacking trip, and I am unsure what the smallest one in diameter is that would still produce a good sound.

More research is ahead for these beauties but I wanted to share them with you guys.


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