Tuesday, October 15, 2013

What The Heck is This

I have been focused on travel and camping and food - all of these things I enjoy but I haven't felt like all of my comments and thoughts could fit well with my other property, Michael Asimos' Adventures Blog. I am interested in a few political issues and also fancy myself a humorous guy. That's what this is for!

I'll start this off with a tale (tail?) of baby bunny, trauma, engineering, and triumph.

I have found the wimp.com site and enjoy it even though I don't have as much time as I wish I did for exploring the internet. I'm busy with school and a few social obligations here and there and of course, there's the music callin me. Anyway, this video I saw today is called Joe the Bunny.

Their video explains that a pair of rabbits was orphaned and one of them was lame. They fashioned him a cart for his hind legs similar to those you see for older dogs and it does seem to work!

It bothers me that so many comments on the youtube channel seem focused on bashing the guy's engineering skills instead of the real story which is that someone cared enough to try to improve this rabbit's quality of life and let their child witness a gentle kindness to animals.

When I'm camping I meet people who have no comprehension of how to live among animals and nature and I think it's because they had poor role models or lack experience with animals like this. I remember being small and the venerable Mrs. Asimos taking in all kinds of strays. It is probably my first exposure to treating animals with kindness and respect and I appreciate her a lot for it.


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